Online coding at home

We are happy to announce that our school is starting to learn coding using Tynker!  Students can log in to their Tynker accounts and progress independently through the self-guided lessons. Try it out here! As kids get engaged with the courses and missions on Tynker, you’ll hear about them creating animations, making Minecraft mods, and even designing their own games. We hope that they enjoy learning to create with code, and that they embark on a lifelong journey of curiosity, innovation, and creation. 


With Tynker, your child will learn basic coding concepts with visual blocks, then progress to text programming using JavaScript, Swift, and Python as they develop skills and gain confidence in their new abilities. 


To get started with using Tynker at home, all your child needs to do is log in using their Clever account, then select the Tynker icon to login.


Tynker is browser­ based, so you don’t need to download anything. We recommend a modern laptop, desktop, or Chromebook computer to use Tynker. Tynker App for iPads is available. Download the Tynker app from the App Store. 


By solving coding puzzles in these courses, children learn to recognize patterns and break down problems into smaller steps. They also master programming concepts like sequencing, loops, conditional logic, and algorithmic thinking. We hope by having students learn coding, using Tynker, they have an opportunity to expand their skills and interest as they move on to middle school and high school where classes are offered.