Lydiksen GATE test

Hello, Lydiksen grades 3-5 families -

Each year all Pleasanton Unified School District third grade students and nominated grades 4-7 students have the opportunity to participate in the Cognitive Abilities Test assessment used for identifying Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students. Due to the cancellation of testing last year, all third grade and fourth grade students, along with those nominated in grades 5-7 will have the opportunity to participate.

The test used for GATE identification is the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), which appraises the student’s level and pattern of cognitive development and measures both general and specific reasoning abilities. General reasoning abilities reflect the overall efficiency that students learn new tasks and solve problems, especially in the absence of direct instruction. These abilities are assessed in three domains: verbal (words), quantitative (math), and nonverbal (patterns and puzzles). Each domain is represented by two or three different reasoning tasks, which can be used to provide an alternative measure of cognitive development and to identify students whose predicted level of achievement is different from what is observed in the classroom.  

We look at multiple forms of assessment to better understand how every student learns. The GATE assessment helps us understand student strengths in various areas. This information is used to inform teachers about ways to better support your student such as grouping and other instructional strategies during the school day. For more information, please reach out to your child’s individual teacher. 

The window for administering this test is Nov. 2-19. Each site will be assigned a specific date during this assigned window. Testing will take place at each site by trained test proctors. The CogAT is a timed, multiple-choice test and is administered online through a secure website. The actual working time for this test is 90 minutes; however, for many students, it may take longer. 

In order to be identified as GATE, a student’s Composite national age percentile rank (APR) must be 98% or above and 99% in one of the following sections: verbal (words), quantitative (math), or nonverbal (patterns and puzzles).

All students in grades 3 and 4 will be assessed unless an opt-out form (attached) is received by the school by Friday, Oct. 15. This form only needs to be completed if you do not want your child to participate in this assessment; otherwise, no forms or anything else are required.

Students in fifth grade must be nominated by a teacher, parent, or other school staff to be tested for GATE services. The nomination form (attached) must be turned into the school by Friday, Oct. 15  to participate in the 2021 CogAT assessment.

For additional information, questions, or concerns, please send me an email. 


Jacob Berg

Principal, Lydiksen

[email protected]