Volunteering at Lydiksen

Hello, Lydiksen families -

We are excited that we can begin having a limited number of parents/guardians on campus to volunteer in classrooms. Due to safety restrictions regarding COVID, procedures are different than in past years.

If your child's teacher has asked for volunteers, please communicate with the teacher to see if you are needed. You must then be cleared to volunteer as follows:

1) Cleared through Pleasanton Police Department (this takes about 2 weeks for clearance) at this link: Police Clearance

2) Submit proof of complete vaccination (all doses), and upload photo of vaccination card on the district link: Vaccination Clearance (District form)

3) Complete the daily health screener prior to coming on campus each day you come to volunteer, and show clearance (green check email) to office staff: Daily Health Screener Link

4) Sign in using Raptor (computer in office).

5) Enjoy your volunteer time!

While on campus, everyone is required to wear masks at all times, both indoors and outdoors. Thank you for helping our staff and students stay safe and healthy!

Jacob Berg
Principal, Lydiksen Elementary