Student meds at Lydiksen

If you have a student who will have medication at Lydiksen, please make sure that the Lydiksen office has the correct Medication Consent Form for the current school year. This applies to prescribed and over the counter medication. Please make sure that all of these guidelines have been met before bringing medication in to the school office:

  • Student’s name must be on the box or bottle (keep label attached for prescription meds)
  • Prescription medications must be in the original container with the current prescription label on the container 
  • Medication must match doctor’s orders exactly
  • Consent form must be signed and stamped by the doctor, and signed by the parent/guardian 
Please make sure to add/update any medical condition (if any) in the Q Portal where you register and specify health condition(s).

Go to this site for more information about shots that are required for California schools - 

For all other medical and health screening forms go to the PUSD here or the Lydiksen website at