Science Camp for 2017-18

Dear 4th-grade Families,

Thank you to the families who have donated their fair share contribution toward Science Camp 2018. At this time, we have received $5,025 in donations toward the deposit we need to reserve our space for next year. This is less than half the amount we need. The bottom line is that we need to have the initial $200 donation per student by May 19th in order to confidently make our Science Camp reservation for next year. Please remember if camp is canceled, your donation will be refunded. Also, if you pay by check, and we receive the donations needed to make a reservation, we will not be depositing your check until May 19th. This is to avoid any mixing of this year's money with next year's.

If you were unable to make it to the Science Camp meeting, please click HERE for the presentation and click HERE for the paper that was handed out. A hard copy of the paper went home with your child in February. If you have any questions that are not answered by the presentation or handout, please fill out THIS form.

To make a donation, you may pay by check made out to PUSD. The check will not be deposited until May 19th. Make sure to attach the check to the yellow form that went home with your child. You may also donate by credit card, which will also be refunded if camp is canceled. Click HERE for the link to donate by credit card. If you donate by credit card, please turn in the yellow form with a note that you donated by credit card.


Fifth Grade Team

Eryn Neidle, Matt Maloney, and Linda Boveda