The 2017 Solar Eclipse

On Monday Aug. 21, Pleasanton will begin to experience a partial solar eclipse at 9:01 am. In Pleasanton, approximately 80% of the sun will be covered by the moon for about 2 minutes and the entire eclipse will happen over 2 hours and 36 minutes. This event presents many wonderful, experiential learning opportunities for all of our students and we are so excited about it! Our staff are looking forward to this fantastic teaching opportunity.

It is very important to communicate the seriousness of eye safety. Looking directly at the sun, even briefly, is extremely dangerous. The eclipse in Pleasanton is a partial eclipse. It will not, at any point during the event, be safe to look at the sun. PUSD staff have received communication around eye safety during the eclipse. Please discuss eye safety with your children. Remind them that they should not look at the sun at any point during or after the eclipse. Watch this short safety video from the Exploratorium with your children to help them understand the extreme danger of looking directly at the sun.