Lydiksen wheelchair fund raiser

Lydiksen held our kick off assembly for our 6th annual Wheelchair Fundraiser in collaboration with the non-profit Wheelchair Foundation. The fundraiser will run through the end of February. Last year, Lydiksen raised enough money to send 67 wheelchairs to Argentina. This year we are raising money to help people in Nicaragua. Our goal is for the students of Lydiksen to sprinkle happiness in our community, which will inspire people to donate to the Wheelchair Foundation. Ask your child how he/she could raise money - having a lemonade stand, doing extra chores at home, mowing the neighbor’s lawn, donating piggy bank money. We are hoping that through their fundraising efforts our Lydiksen students will understand and feel the the impact they have on creating a better world one wheelchair at a time! Here is a video of Lydiksen’s impact on Ecuador and Bolivia in 2016 and here is a video of last summer’s wheelchair distribution to Argentina.