Lydiksen 2018-19 enrollment

April 13, 2018


Dear Lydiksen Parents/Guardians -


As we plan for the upcoming 2018-19 school year, we will begin formulating classes based on our best estimate of enrollment projections for next year.


In arranging classes, a team that is comprised of teachers, specialists, and administrators spends time creating balanced classes for the benefit of all students. Collectively, we review the composition of each class with the goal of creating productive student groups in a positive learning environment. We, as responsible educators, feel that this process is the most effective and direct avenue to creating heterogeneous groupings with equity for every child.


This educational team will define balance and apply a common set of criteria to form class lists. This shared approach considers academic levels, quality of citizenship, study habits, and gender balance. Our priority is to group students for instructional purposes. Although we realize that some parents have preferences for specific teachers, we cannot place children in classes on this basis.


If your child has special needs that his/her current teacher is not aware of that may impact his/her class placement for next year, a Parent Information Sheet should be completed. These forms are available, upon request, in the school office and should be returned to the office no later than Friday, April 27. Refrain from identifying specific teachers in your statements as teacher requests cannot be taken. Sheets that identify specific teachers will be discarded.


Please place your trust in our experience and knowledge to achieve our goal of balance and equal access.  We will do all that we can to ensure that every child has a pleasurable, positive and successful experience here at Lydiksen.




Jacob Berg

Principal, Lydiksen